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GOLF: The Perfect Training Aid If You Struggle With Solid Contact

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Eric demonstrates how to use a training aid/feedback device for anyone that struggles with contact issues.

Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid

Trent gives you the run down and product testing for the new Superspeed Golf Training aid! Let us know what you think!

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3 Reasons Why Your Backswing
Is Too Long
And How To Fix Them

Here are the links to the training aids I use in this video:
Tour Striker Products – Click on this link and search Tour Striker Smart Ball: http://www.tourstriker.com/a/?aid=239

Power Package Golf: https://powerpackagegolf.com

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Tool: https://amzn.to/2wqRnWh

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There are three main reasons I see for a backswing that gets too long. Now, for some of you, the fix may be as simple as me saying you need to swing shorter. You swing is too long. You need to think swing shorter.

(In no particular order) The number one reason why the backswing gets too long is that the arms travel too far. If you look at elite level players from face on, and we go up to the top of their swing, their left arm usually travels about 40 to 45 degrees.

To fix this issue, you can take either a short or regular-length alignment rod and put it under your trail arm pit. About two feet of the stick will be out in front of you – or in front of your arm pit. When you go to the top of your backswing, the stick is going to hit your left arm at about parallel to the ground. As soon as the stick hits your left arm you will transition into your follow through. Now, this is too short of a swing in real life, but you need exaggeration to be able to shorten your swing.

The second reason is because the elbows bend too much. If I make a backswing and I go up to the top and my left arm is reasonably straight, my right arm is 90 degrees or so bent. If I were to go to the top and bend my arms more than normal, you’ll notice that the club head and the shaft go a lot farther.

One thing you can do to fix this is just “feel” like your right arm gets longer. But for some folks, this issue is also about the elbows separating at the top of the swing. For this, you can put a Tour Striker Smart Ball http://www.tourstriker.com/a/?aid=239 between your arms. You will go to the top of your backswing and keep the ball between you arms. This will keep your elbows from separating.

The third reason your backswing gets too long is over hinging your wrists. At the top of the backswing, a good wrist angle will put your club at about a 90-degree angle to your left arm. If you hinge your wrist past 90, the club head and shaft travel a lot farther.

There are two products I personally use to fix this issue that work really well. The Power Package Golf aid https://powerpackagegolf.com and the Swingyde Golf Swing Training Tool: https://amzn.to/2wqRnWh. When I take my normal set up with these, the training aid is not on my wrist. But when I go to the top, the training aid hits my lead wrist at the ideal angle. I physically can’t over hinge or I’ll break the device.

One thing just to keep in mind body turn has a lot to do with this whole deal and probably could be more of this video. When you make a backswing and don’t turn enough, the only way for your brain to still get the club up over your right shoulder is to do one of the three thing – make your arms travel too far, elbows bend too much or left wrist bend too much. So a good portion of you are going to struggle with this also may not have enough turn. Look at the turn videos we’ve posted to lean more on that. If you increase your body turn, all of these things will be easier.


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