This is the first step in developing your lawn to look like a golf course like lawn. It needs to be mowed short.

Here I show the process of starting this journey to the best lawn in the neighborhood.
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Explore Punta Cana Hotels

Discovering Punta Cana in one whole day would be impossible, but cruising along the scenic Caribbean shores is. The beach is one of the reasons why Punta Cana has become a favorite vacation spot, and taking a slow cruise on the Bebe Catamaran VIP will sweep you away. Sailing gives you the chance to view lush forestry surrounding the Punta Cana hotels and villas that can be seen adjacent to the ocean. A few meters from the ship, shapes and colors of well-designed pools and golf courses can be seen, hidden partly by lush greenery. Swimming among the corals in a harmless and risk-free area of Cabeza Del Toro, and doing some snorkeling there are all-inclusive of the cruise. You will also stop over one of the islands white sand beaches and this gives you time to relax and bask in the sun. Plus, enjoy your short stay there with free rum and beer! Taking a cruise to see Punta Cana sights is the right way to do it.

Special Bargains in Punta Cana Hotels

A number of Punta Cana hotels now help you realize your dream of spending time at the breathtaking beach destinations of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. During off-peak season, hotels from the North and East Coast offer big, big discounts and vacation packages for families, couples, and friends who wish to visit this awe-inspiring city on a limited budget. The Occidental Grand Punta Cana Hotel is one of the popular three-star hotels that would surely be an ideal place to stay. It has 800 beautifully designed rooms, including what they call the supersaver rooms that would satisfy a familys budget. To top that, the Occidental Grand slashes off 50% of its regular room rates from this month to March, to accommodate everyone who has been meaning to travel and see for themselves the beauty and magnificence of the Dominican Republic. Room rates are at $ 79 per person, inclusive of meals, cocktails, and a few recreational activities such as horseback riding.

Punta Cana Hotels and Accommodation

Punta Cana hotels can be found everywhere around the whole municipality, from its main attractions and museums to the awesome beach area facing the crystal blue Caribbean waters. Because of this, the hotels have been classified into Luxury, Standard, Discount, and Cheap, so that it would be made more convenient for visitors and guests to choose where to stay. As a result of this arrangement, people find it less difficult to make up their minds as to where to book their vacations and this has made comparison of prices of accommodation more convenient. In the Luxury category are Catalona Bavaro Resort, Sivory Punta Cana, Ocean Sand Golf and Beach Resort, and the Paradisus Palma Real. The Dreams Palm Beach, Majestic Elegance, and the Royal Suites Turquesa are examples of Standard hotels. Among the many hotels at regular discounts, the Tropical Clubs Bavaro, Vik Hotel Arena Blanca, and the Occidental Grand Punta Cana are the most popular. Lastly, examples of hotels under Cheap category, which are consistently getting reservations, are the NH Real Arena, Catalonia Bavaro Beach, and the Tropical Sueno Resort and Spa Club.

Punta Cana Hotel Deals

When the room reservations are not at its hottest, most of the Punta Cana hotels showcase each of their deals and create different ideas by which visitors and clients are encouraged to settle in their with them. The Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro, conveniently located in the oceanfront and just a few minutes from the airport, is an adult only resort that launches its Winter Specials on from December 24 2009 to February 28, 2010. Its Winter Sale is ongoing and will end on February 28, 2010. Original amount of its rooms is $ 300, and during the sale this goes down to $ 245. Popularly called the Sun and Fun Resort, the Riu Bambu delights its visitors to get reservations ahead and get a big slash of 40% off the original room charge per night. An exciting Winter Bargain also begins at the Excellence Luxury Hotel, made accessible to those who have reserved suites from dates between Jan 14 and February 28, 2010, and most especially to those who avail of the March to December Special Offer. Hotel Paradisus similarly presents discounted packages when arrangements are made online.

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6 Cool Gadgets for Golfers – Golf Accessories On Amazon.

Cool 6 Golf Accessories and golf traing aids you can buy on Amazon.

1. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

2. GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer Black

3. Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

4. Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer

5. SKLZ Gold Flex – Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Training / Golf Swing Trainer

6. Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer
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Hanger Golf Swing Training Aid Review With The Art of Simple Golf
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Here Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives a review of one of the best golf swing training aids. theHanger from Watson golf truly is a game and golf swing changer.

It proved challenging but very effective very quickly.

theHANGER is a cutting edge patented design that provides you with both visual and tactile instant feedback. Whether you practice alone or with an instructor, this swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control.


Designed to easily attach to your irons. theHANGER comes with a club face reference head to ensure it’s set up correctly and give you visual feedback. You can now practice in your home, office, range, or on the course with confidence theHANGER puts you in the correct position. theHANGER is for all skill levels helping create a repeatable swing.


Keeps the club head outside your hands.
Ideal for training club face and path control.
Promotes flat lead wrist at the top of your swing.
Lead wrist flection in transition.
Fixes the over-the-top move, scooping, and prevents the dreaded slice
Dynamic shaft lean through impact.
Promotes correct muscle memory.

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Today was a fantastic day for disc golf, so I headed down to Fields of Dreams DGC for a solo round. Well, actually, I took my son with me who acted as caddy/spotter for me. I think he had a good time and it was a good course to take him too. Not nearly as hilly as Campgaw, but not just a flat, grassy field, either. We even saw a turtle on one of the greens–he’s a huge fan of turtles!

My feelings about the course: I really liked it. The front nine and the last few holes of the back nine are nicely placed out in the woods, and the other holes are nice, open fields. Hole number 12 is a huge par five, flat and wide open. If it were short grass, it would be great to just let your drives rip. Unlike the other open holes (9, 10, 12, 13, & 14), though, this hole is not mowed grass; it’s knee-high weeds, perfect for losing discs. I know this because I lost TWO on this hole! Very frustrating!

In fact, the lush grass and weeds is my only complaint for this course. Even the wooded holes are just a bit too tall with weeds and grass, making it very easy to lose a disc or two. I think once this course gets played in a bit more (it’s less than a year old, from what I understand), and the grass gets a bit more under control, this will be a super course. I’m thinking that this course will be much more fun in late fall or winter.

One other thing to note about this course: there are many holes marked as par 4 (at least four or five of them) which were not challenging at all to par. Compared to the other three courses I’ve played, the pars here seem very forgiving. I’m thinking either these pars are too lenient, or Campgaw and Warwick are too tough. It’s hard for me to tell, having only played four courses now, but if someone who’s only been playing disc golf for a month can come in 9-over (including penalties for two lost discs), it might be marked just a bit too easy. But it’s a nice confidence booster.

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