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One of the first things likely to be asked by someone starting out in the World of golf is whether or not special shoes are really necessary to play the game. The short answer to this question is yes and there are three good reasons why this is so.

Firstly golf involves a lot of walking, and to be honest there is probably more walking involved than most people imagine. Because of this, it is necessary to wear a comfortable pair of shoes that will give your feet enough support to ensure you make it through all 18 holes.

Secondly is player safety. Not only is there a lot of walking involved as mentioned above but the terrain over which the golfer must walk is varied, with most golf courses incorporating many hills for the golfer to negotiate. The last thing you want to do is risk injury through slipping on the damp grass first thing in the morning.

Thirdly is the protection of the course itself. Most golf courses will employ a number of people and will expend a lot of time, effort and money to keep the course, especially the fairways and greens in top condition. The greens especially are required to be in perfect condition and the last thing that the course, and the other players want, is an amateur turning up in footwear that tears up the green making it all but unplayable.

One particular thing you will notice about golf shoes is that they have a number of spikes on the soles, along with usually four spikes in the heel. These are there to prevent you slipping. If there is less chance of you slipping then there is less chance of you hurting yourself but also if you don’t slip there is also less chance of damaging the playing surface.

You will find that you typically have a choice of three types of spike when you are shopping for golf shoes. The choices amount to metal spikes, rubber spikes and plastic spikes. Metal spikes are the hardest type of spike and will afford you the best grip but because of this they can cause damage to the surface they are digging in to. Consequently, you will find that more and more clubs will not allow metal spikes to be worn. Rubber spikes are similar in shape to metal spikes and do nearly as good a job but because they are softer they don’t tear up the ground as much. These are the most common type of spike you will see worn by club members. The last type of spike are plastic ones and are sometimes referred to as nubs. These will be the most gentle on the ground but will not give you as much grip.

It’s totally up to you what kind of shoe you choose and because golf shoes are now more fashionable than ever and are available in lots of styles and colours you are bound to find a pair you like that are also practical to play the game in.

Wayne Armstrong is the owner of, a Golf resource website which includes lots of information on improving your game and links to some of the best golf equipment and clothing at some of the best prices you will find.

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