Although the golf balls normally used nowadays look no better than hardened plastic balls, the materials used to manufacture them comprise of various things. The benefits of all such various components come together to create the best golf balls which are far superior and travel much better than their counterparts in play a hundred years ago.

Golf started as a medium to pass time in an enjoyable manner. However, it has outdone its expectations by emerging as the most loved sport in many countries over the years. It has a huge fan following world over and the golf professionals nowadays are able to get the golf balls customized as per their needs. This is nevertheless done adhering to the regulations set by the governing bodies. Following are the things that must be kept in mind while getting your golf balls designed:

– The Golf balls weight must be a per specifications

– The Golf balls size also must adhere to the specifications

– There is a maximum permissible initial velocity which must not be exceeded

– The shape of the golf ball should be spherically symmetric

– There must be consistency in the golf balls lift, carry and drag

The make of the golf ball comprises of the core, followed by the intermediate layer and then the cover at top. The core has always been made in solid rubber. It can also be produced in titanium or the same kind of hybrid materials.

Nowadays, owing to its strength and longevity, many golfers use the twin layered golf balls made up of single solid core. This core can be either resin or hard plastic acrylate. Thereafter, these are covered with a hard man made plastic material called surlyn. Surlyn due to its hardness prevents the golf ball from scratches or nicks. However, this comes at the cost of lacking decent spin on the ball. Overall, these golf balls are inexpensive and durable, and thus are a big hit with many golfers.

On the other hand, the three layered golf balls which are better known by the name wound balls come with either a liquid or a solid rubber core. This is further covered by long stretches of elastic windings forming the second layer. The third upper layer of the cover can be either made in balata or surlyn. Balata covered golf balls offer more spin and thus better control.

However, these are relatively expensive and are not as durable as the surlyn covered golf balls. Hence, we can infer that the materials which go into making golf balls have significant impact on the durability, efficiency and the price of the golf balls.

Besides the two layered and three layered golf balls, there is also a third variety available in the market. These are known as one-piece balls. Such balls are made up of only one solid layer of surlyn with dimpled exterior and are normally used for practicing on the driving range. They are softer compared to the other types of golf balls and cannot be used to hit long distance shots.

Considering the variety of golf balls available in the market, one must pay good attention to ones requirements. Thus, having good knowledge about the golf ball material comes handy while making the purchase.

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Muscle memory is one of the most important aspect of learning the game of golf. Muscle memory implies that the individual components of a swing are internalised by the player. Remembering each little details is very difficult – instead, a player learns to combine the various parts of his swing automatically through practice. The best swing is smooth and above all, CONSISTENT. When a player is so consistent that he can hit the same shot the same way over and over again, he’s on his way to becoming a great player.

The question arises therefore, if consistency is so important, why would you interfere by moving the ball position for each club? It doesn’t seem to make sense to setup differently every time you change club?

There are of course good reasons why you choose to position the ball differently for each club.

– A driver is the longest club in your bag Imagine that you swing the driver in a sweeping motion, describing a wide and smooth arc. The ball is literally swept off the tee.

– Irons on the other hand are hit in a different way. You should actually hit the ball in a downward motion, less a smooth arc, more a downward blow. Hitting down on the ball will impart spin which is something all golfers aim to do.

– Irons are supposed to hit the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.

– Drivers should hit the ball on the upswing rather than in the middle of the arc. This will result in the ball being lifted high and flying far.

So what exactly is the position of the ball for each given club?

This depends a little on your own personal style, but I would suggest the following:

Driver and fairway wood: position the ball in line with your left toes. Use common sense depending on what feels best. I prefer the ball to sit outside my left foot. Use the same position for any club with less than 19 degree loft.

5 iron to 9 iron: Look at your heels when you position yourself. The ball should sit directly between your heels. You may even feel that your 9 iron could be put a bit more to the right (back in your stance). Try it and see how it feels.

2 iron to 4 iron: For each iron, move the ball forward in your stance (to the left) by one ball width. Use the same principle for woods and hybrids with more than 21 degree loft. Again, you need to use discretion.

Make a point of listening to the sound of the club striking the ball. You’ll hear when you’ve hit the ball well. You’ll feel comfortable without any pain in your wrists or back. Your ball will fly true and far. To get to the perfect strike, pay close attention to ball positioning.

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Its very easy to get stuck, when youre buying golf gifts for a man, to get into the habit of always picking the obvious ones, such as packs of golf balls. While golf balls are always a practical gift for the keen golfer, there are lots of alternatives that a golf fanatic will find useful, personal, decorative or even amusing. Even better, you can buy golf-related gifts to suit any budget.

Golf gifts for men dont always have to be for use on the golf course. While there are many die-hard golfers who will go out in all weathers, summer or winter, many take a back seat when winter arrives, and will welcome a gift relating to their favoured pastime that they can appreciate at home.

If they enjoy reading, then youre spoilt for choice as far as gift golf books go. A subscription to a golfing magazine will give them a gift every month. Humorous golf books are great for a chuckle. If they enjoy golf tournaments then you can find books covering the history of them, or an in-depth look at a particular one.

There are lots of nice golf-related desk accessories for someone with an office. Think desk calendars with pictures from golf courses around the world. You can get handsome pen sets with golf motifs, or pen stands in the shape of a golf bag or club. A small clock in the shape of a golf ball may be a useful addition to his desk. For a novelty desk gift, try a miniature putting game.

Golf pictures and prints come in a wide range. Retro signs, based on vintage advertising posters promoting the best golf resorts of the era, are a stylish reminder of times past. Photographic and fine art prints feature historical events like Jack Nicklaus retirement or scenes from championships. Personalised, framed golf pictures range from humorous cartoons to reproduction magazine covers.

Golf-related watches and jewellery are a great option for a special gift. Fob watches with a golf picture on the casing are a memorable gift; silver cufflinks in shapes like golf bags are good for a special occasion.

Does he like gadgets as well as golf? GPS technology has arrived on the golf scene, with portable devices that allow him to download a map of the course hes playing on. With that hell know exact distances between holes, and where hazards lie. A simpler gadget is one that replaces pencil and paper scoring, for up to four players. More advanced score keepers include stats analysis and a record of previous games.

So, if the golf fan in your life has enough balls, give him something just a bit different for a change! With so many great golf-related gift ideas around, youll have no trouble finding him the perfect gift.

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