You have given your Dad golf balls, barbecue set, or necktie on the previous Father’s Day, right? This Father’s Day, why do not you make him surprised by giving a wine rack or accessories?

Nothing would make the Dad happier than an elegant decorative wine rack to store his favorite wines. An elegant rack is sure to make Mom happy too. She’ll be happy to get those bottles out of her pantry and elegantly displayed on her kitchen counter or elsewhere in the home. Good news for you the gift giver as well.

There are many affordable wine racks available on line and in brick and mortar stores.

When looking for a wine rack, look for ones that store the wine bottles either at an angle or completely on their side. This is important to keep the corks moist, therefore keeping the wine fresh. A wine rack that holds the bottles completely upside down would work too.

Wine racks vary in size and styles. So when deciding what style to buy for Dad, keep in mind where Dad (with Mom’s help of course) might place the rack. Will he put it in the kitchen for example, or on the dining room buffet. He may even put the elegant rack in his library or study. Having some idea as to where Dad might keep the rack will help you determine style and size. Choosing a rack made of metal or wrought iron will simplify this decision for you because most styles are flexible enough to go with any home decor. Wrought iron wine racks tend to be even more decorative in style and can add a beautiful artistic flair to the home.

Table top styles offer the most selection and are by far the most popular choice for the wine drinker. But you can find racks that are meant to be mounted on the wall and many of those styles will hold wine glasses as well. Wine furniture is another option for storing ones treasured wine collection. And lets not forget wine accessories such as decorative glass bottle stoppers, wine openers, decanters, and much more. The choices are many and all are excellent gifts to give Dad for Father’s Day.

Karen Campos has combined her passions for wine, writing, home decorating and entertaining by opening up her first webstore, Not everyone can afford to have a wine cellar in their home but love to drink and serve wine. is dedicated to offering affordable and decorative solutions to wine storage for every home owner. Check out the articles and entertaining ideas the site has to offer as well.

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