For those of you interested in picking up the game of golf, Aimee has prepared a series of fundamental lessons to help you self teach at home.
It is difficult for beginners to practice and master the fundamentals of the golf swing by themselves.
Aimee helps you learn positions in detail.
Learn how to put correct pressure into your body,
Learn exactly where to put that pressure,
Learn check points,
Even if you are not a beginner, you should always keep your fundamentals in check!

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Click For Free Video: Golf Lessons | Stop Hitting the Ground Before the Ball

How would you like to stop hitting the ground before the ball in golf?! How do we come in square? For those looking to stop chunking, this video on, Golf Lessons | Stop Hitting the Ground Before the Ball, is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to get shallow, we’ll cover some tee drills for feeling, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Every golfer has to buy golf tees. Usually, they buy them by the bag at the pro shop before their round. Lately, more and more people have been buying Zero Friction Golf Tees. These new tees have several advantages over the old stand-by wooden ones which haven’t changed much since they were first used more than 80 years ago.

The first United States patent for a golf tee was issued to the Glaswegian David Dalziel on 8th September 1896. The patent was for a rubber tee with a flat base and slightly concave top, in combination with an artificial ground surface.

On 12th December 1899, an American dentist, Dr George F Grant, one of the first black graduates of Harvard College, was the first American to patent a tee that he had invented in 1898. It was a peg with a rubber top and was pushed into the ground, and is very close to the modern tee, but it did not have a concave head. He did not market it and neither this nor any other previous tee inventions caught on.

The first commercial golf tee, which is the one we know today, was the Reddy Tee invented at Maplewood Golf Club in 1921 by another American dentist William Lovell. First manufactured in wood and painted with red tops so that they could be seen easily, they were soon produced in a variety of styles and materials. The “Reddy Tee” made of white celluloid by the Nieblo Manufacturing Company, was patented in 1924. Although plastic tees are available, simple wooden tees similar to those made in the 1920s are still the most common type.

Zero Friction has developed a unique three pronged design with the major advantage being a greatly reduced area of contact between the tee and the ball. This reduction in surface area contact decreases the friction and therefore increases the amount of distance and accuracy of your drive. The maker claims an average increase of 4 yards in distance and up to 5 yards in accuracy. This is a huge advantage that you can gain without having to change your swing or your clubs.

The other advantage is that they are an environmentally friendly product made with recycled materials and they are safe for golf course mowers.

Any product that gives an advantage does not go unnoticed by professional golfers. Kenny Perry, 24 year veteran of the PGA and member of the 2008 Ryder Cup team uses Zero Friction Golf Tees. Since being introduced in 2005 professional golfers using them have had 50 tour victories and more than 300 top 10 finishes.

I think the facts speak for themselves, PGA golfers need every edge that they can get when playing on the tour. If they have chosen to use Zero Friction Golf Tees, then maybe you should too.

You need to buy golf tees, why not play what the pros are playing. Buy them at before the rest of your foursome does .

Scott Levine. Avid golfer.

Watch this Sublime Flight final round coverage of the 2017 Azalea Open disc golf tournament which took place on April 23rd near Wilmington, North Carolina. This lead card features pros Michael Johansen, Barry Schultz, Lance Brown and Nathan Queen. MJ has won the Azalea Open for the past seven years so all players are focused on claiming victory over this seasoned pro who has been know to dominate the competition on this challenging course. These talented pros will navigate the Castle Hayne disc golf course that boasts three new holes! This wooded and long course tests players and will punish anyone who strays from the fairway. This round contains many birdies an amazing Eagle and some mind-blowing putts. The song is “Time is Forever” by Silent Partner. Check out and for more disc golf action!
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The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History

The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History

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In the first book from popular Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, the network’s “resident scholar and critic” (The New York Times) explores the common swing positions of the greatest players throughout history—and reveals how those commonalities can help players of every skill level improve their own games.

Every golf game begins with the swing. While no two are identical, Brandel Chamblee, the highly regarded television analyst and former PGA

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Despite all the nuances with golf instruction and the numerous types of golf swings out there, the majority of golfers suffer from the same common golf mistakes such as improper grip, golf shot alignment and weight transfer. Below are a few golf tips to address these common golf mistakes.

Common Golf Mistake 1: Improper Grip

A common golf mistake for most golfers is to have either a too strong or too weak of a grip. Here are a few golf tips to set up the proper neutral golf grip recommended for the majority of golf shots (for right-handers):

Take little finger of right hand and place it between index and middle finger of left hand (leading hand).
Left hand thumb should fit in lifeline of right hand.
When looking down at grip, knuckles of the left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.
Check that the creases of thumbs and forefingers point between right side of face and right shoulder.

Common Golf Mistake 2: Improper Golf Shot Alignment

A second common golf mistake is to not align properly to your target line when setting up for the golf shot. You can have a great golf swing, but if you line up incorrectly, you will have trouble reaching your target. So, here are a few golf tips to line up properly for your shot, whether on the range or on the course.
For majority of golf shots, the alignment procedure should be the same. Aim your club face along the target line and position your body parallel to the target line along the body line. To help visualize, think of standing along a railway line where the further rail is the target line to the target and the rail you are standing on is the body line.

It is useful to pick an intermediate target 1 to 2 feet in front of ball and first aim your club face to the intermediate target, then set up properly with your body.

Also, when practicing, create an alignment station using 2 parallel clubs and place the ball in the middle of the clubs. Use the two clubs as alignment aids for your target and body line.

Common Golf Mistake 3: Improper Weight Transfer

The third common golf mistake is to shift weight to left leg in backswing which naturally triggers weight shift to right leg in downswing. This weight transfer fault is called a reverse pivot and often results in poor golf shots.

Conversely, proper weight transfer results in 80% of weight on inside of right foot at top of backswing and full weight shift to left leg at finish position.

To ingrain the proper weight transfer make sure that in the backswing, your body weight is kept on inside of right foot and the right knee remains in place. This sets up correct weight shift to left in downswing.

If you can properly address these three most common golf mistakes, you will be well on your way for a consistent, solid golf swing.

Remove your common golf mistakes with the help of golf genie’s golf tips and become a consistent golf player. Take perfect golf training aids and resolve your golf slice problem.